Introduction to Programming with VEX IQ (ROBOTC Graphical)

Learn to program the VEX IQ in ROBOTC Graphical

NOTICE: On 8/18/2021, Amazon AWS permanently discontinued support for network protocols used by Robot Virtual Worlds and Expedition Atlantis. These products are no longer able to communicate with CS2N. Please see this article for details.

Introduction to Programming provides a structured sequence of programming activities in real-world project-based contexts. The projects are designed to get students thinking about the patterns and structure of not just robotics, but also programming and problem-solving more generally. This curriculum includes videos, animations, and step-by-step lessons designed to help beginners learn behavior-based programming using the VEX IQ hardware and ROBOTC Graphical programming software.

Additional Resources

Boulder Math

A CS2N Game that teaches distances and proportions.

VEX IQ Search & Rescue

The Search & Rescue Project is an opportunity to apply programming skills in robot movement, sensing, and decision making with a longer, multi-part challenge.

VEX IQ Program Flow II

In the Program Flow II, the user is introduced to commonly-used techniques in robotics programming that makes use of conditional statements (If, If-else), inside looping statements (while) to create rapid decision-making loops that behave as if the robot is “continuously” making decisions. Complete all requirements and earn the “VEX IQ - Program Flow II” Badge.

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