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Basic Account

Premium Account

Earn Badges and Certificates

Complete content, exams, and become certified

Access to all curriculum, content, and certification material, all without an account. Create a CS2N account to save progress!

Google Associated Accounts

Easily create an account and sign in, all with a Google integration

Create an account and sign in, all with Google signin!

CS2N Groups

Create groups for online classrooms

Create and manage up to three (3) groups at any time

Create and manage an unlimited number of groups

Google Classroom Integrations

Invite group members into CS2N groups

Not available for basic accounts

Connect Google Classrooms with roster and activities syncing and send progress back to Google Gradebooks.
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Group Members

Invite group members into CS2N groups

Invite up to thirty (30) group members per group

Invite an unlimited number of group members per group

Group Activities

Add and customize CS2N content in each group

Add any curriculum, virtual, and certification content to your groups *

Progress Tracking

Track your group members' progress, view uploads and exam scores

View, track, award, and grade your group members' progress, quizzes, exams, and uploads

CS2N Support

Support from the CS2N development team

Email and phone support for all CS2N users

Prioritized support for CS2N Premium users

Beta Testing

Help test out new curricula in development

Become eligible for beta testing when announced

Prioritized participants to partake in beta testing before public testing

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  • * Most certifications and all virtual curricula require purchasing keys and registrations for access.