Software Foundations with Arduino (ShieldBot)

Learn how to plan, write, and debug code for a robot

Software Foundations is an introduction to programming concepts. Students who complete this curriculum demonstrate an understanding of the software engineering process through repeated planning, testing, and iteration throughout the units. Students also learn basic robot movement, how to use feedback from different kinds of sensors, and how to create complex programs using loops and decision-making logic.
SMART is an ARM Endorsed program

Additional Resources

Testbed with Arduino (ShieldBot)

In this project, students are asked to take inventory of the parts that are available in a kit. Students must keep track of progress using a checklist, and perform a series of tests with the system to ensure proper functionality. 

Open-Loop Navigation with Arduino (ShieldBot)

In this unit, students learn to assemble a robot kit in separate subsystems: Mobility, Power, and Control. The student then tests the system by running programs on the robot. 

Sensing with Arduino (ShieldBot)

This unit introduces students to sensors: A touch sensor (in the form of whiskers), and a Light Sensor (Phototransistor). Students will learn how to integrate the sensors with ShieldBot, and then program the robot to sense its environment. Students will learn programming concepts along the way like variables, if/else structures, incrementing, and comparators. 

Camera Navigation with Arduino (ShieldBot)

In this unit, students learn to implement a vision-based system that provides navigation abilities, based on color, objects, and shapes. Users are expected to make mechanical adjustments, electrical re-wirings, and significant improvements to fully utilize the PixyCam on the Shieldbot.

Camera Programming with Arduino (ShieldBot)

This unit takes students through using the ShieldBot Camera to store a unique image/signature that represents its parking spot. In the challenge for this unit, the robot must check over different parking spots and move into the spot only if it matches the unique signature. 
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