Fabrication Foundations with Hand Tools

Learn how to create structural components for a mobile robot

Fabrication Foundations introduces students to hand tools to cut, drill, and file down multiple materials to create a robot chassis and motor mount. Students also learn how to use additive manufacturing (3D printing) to create a sensor mount. The skills taught include safety, basic measurement, reading and interpreting drawings, basic hand tool use, and handling materials.
SMART is an ARM Endorsed program

Additional Resources

Fabricating a Chassis

In this unit, students will create a chassis plate from acrylic while learning to measure, read and interpret drawings, use hand tools, and re-check measurements for accuracy. 

Fabricating a Motor Mount

Motor mounts allow you to fasten motors to a chassis. In this unit, you will be creating motor mounts using aluminum. You will learn how to cut, drill, and file down aluminum. The motor mounts will also require drawing and creating curves, and bending the aluminum using a bending die. 

3D Printing

Sensor mounts allow sensors to be positioned properly on a robot. In this unit, you will be creating a sensor mount using a 3D printer. You will be introduced to a 3D modeling software, loading a model, preparing the model for printing, and finally printing the model. The project will be to modify the model to align the holes in the chassis. 
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