CMRA Certifications

CMRA Certifications, a Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy recognized level of competency and knowledge. Teachers can get certified by going through CMRA Professional Development Training.

From Curriculum to Certifications

CS2N Curriculum

Each CMRA certification represent a standard level of competency and knowledge of a particular subject, which can be earned by completing curriculums. Anyone can view these CS2N curriculum, which provides a collection of topics with a clear path to complete that curriculum. At the end, access to the certification exam would be made available.

Curriculum Topics

CS2N curriculum contain multiple smaller topics. Some of these topics provide foundational knowledge, in which it may appear in other CS2N curriculum. Users can also subscribe to those topics individually. Progress made on any shared topics will automatically carry over to any CS2N curriculum has contains it.


Each topic has a handful of activities. Activities ranges from completing challenges, viewing content, taking quizzes and exams, and more. To complete the topic, all activities must be completed. Some CS2N curriculum are specifically create that topics much be completed in sequential order.

Available CMRA training

CMRA trainings are scaffolded to assume little to no experience, the courses are designed to teach pedagogy, hardware, software, troubleshooting techniques that teachers can use to implement CS2N curriculums in their classrooms.

CMRA make connections for students to academic concepts and real world applications by placing students in situations where they are solving real world problems. Teachers that earn their certification can offer CS2N curriculum in their classroom and can take advantage of powerful tools of CS2N.

Certify Your Students

Teachers who successfully pass certifications exams receives the ability to certify their own students.
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In order to begin, certified teachers must:

  1. Purchase Exam Registrations from our CMU University Store (allow 1-2 Business Days for processing)
  2. Allocate the number of registrations to your CS2N Group
  3. Invite students to join the CS2N Group
  4. Administer the course
Purchase Exam Registrations

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