CS-STEM Network and Educational Institutions

The CS-STEM Network works with educational institutions to conduct research to find the skills and knowledge needed to obtain a certification in areas such as Programming, Computational Thinking, Engineering, etc. We look at any materials or resources that you have, and investigate the assessments needed to provide a comprehensive test.

Certification Structure

The CS-STEM Network creates certification exams for teachers and students.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Certification structures can be created to allow for multiple hierarchies. In Figure 1 you can see a typical case where a teacher gets certified, and then subsequently can certify students.

Figure 2 shows a structure that involves a Master Trainer getting certified who then certifies teachers. The teachers then can certify students.

Requirements and Load Testing

The certification exams are taken on CS-STEM Network servers. To ensure a reliable and smooth examination process, we work with your organization to properly set up and test your technology. Some basic requirements that you should have for your location or region are:

  1. Reliable and broadband internet

  2. Ability to handle the logistics required to administer exams

  3. Dedicated IT staff to work with our team to administer load/requirements testing

  4. Roster of students who will be taking the exams

  5. Point of contact for coordinating the examinations for the location(s)

Automated Reminders

Once your organization is ready to request exams for teachers or students, the CS-STEM Network system has automated reminders for each phase to ensure efficiency. The following are the phases for teacher exams and student exams:

Teacher Exam Phases

  • Phase 1: Get trained

  • Phase 2: Submit assignments

  • Phase 3: Take the exam (3 months to take exam)

Student Exam Phases

  • Phase 1: Roster & Exam Setup (45 days prior to exam date)

  • Phase 2: Generate Accounts (30 days prior to exam date)

  • Phase 3: Technical Testing (15 days prior to exam date)

  • Phase 4: Exam Day

  • Phase 5: Invoicing (10 days after exam date)

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The ability to have Single Sign-On (SSO) improves the user experience overall. We have created the ability to do SSO by using a popular module called CAS. CAS Single Sign-on is available on many popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle. We can work with your technical team to implement this feature in your system!