Fundamentals of Coding with SPIKE Essential (beta)

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Fundamentals of Coding with SPIKE Essential teaches coding and STEM concepts to elementary school students using the LEGO SPIKE Essential kit. The curriculum covers topics such as basic coding, creating algorithms, conditional statements, and loops. Students assemble robot designs with the SPIKE Essential kit based on real-world robots, which helps to foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and an understanding of how coding and robotics are used in the real world. Fundamentals of Coding with SPIKE Essential is designed to develop a foundation in coding that will prepare students for more advanced programming concepts in the future.

Unit 1: Light Up Snackbot

Snackbot is a robot that was designed to deliver snacks to people within an office. It communicates using lights and sounds. Build a robot like Snackbot and use the Light Matrix to display colored patterns and messages!

Unit 2: Spinny Snackbot

It's snack time! In this unit you will learn how to make Snackbot deliver snacks by attaching and programming the motor to make it move. 

Unit 3: Buggy Bugs

Not every program is perfect, some may have errors (a.k.a "bugs"). Let's identify the errors and make a plan to fix them!

Unit 4: Journey on the Moon

Iris is a lunar rover that drives on the moon collecting data for geological sciences. Build your Iris robot and program it to move forward and explore on the moon!

Unit 5: Dodging Craters

Iris may come across some craters on the moon. Program the robot to be able to turn so that you don't run into them!

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