Robotics Integration (through FRC)

Robotics Integration (through FRC)

FRC: Applying for your Robotics Integration Micro-Certification
As a member of a FIRST Robotics Competition team, you have built up a number of valuable technical skills. Micro-Certifications, brought to you by FIRST and the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, let you showcase these skills as part of a college application or resume, or simply let others know what you have accomplished through FIRST.
The Robotics Integration Micro-Certification covers situations where technicians may receive a large industrial system that requires assembly and installation. Learners must provide evidence of unpacking and testing, testing navigation programming, and vision system integration. 
The exam portion of this Micro-Certification will test your knowledge of these concepts to determine if you meet or exceed the foundational knowledge needed as a Robotics Technician.

To apply for yours:
  • (Optional) Review the lesson materials to brush up and see what is covered by the exam 
  • [REQUIRED] Upload photos of your work to your portfolio according to the prompts 
  • [REQUIRED] Take the online exam (60 min, multiple choice, passing = 70%)

Process for applying for the Micro-Certification

Exam Prep: Testbed (through FRC)

In this section, we will review taking inventory of parts that are available in a kit. When technicians receive a kit, they must keep track of parts using a checklist, and perform a series of tests with the system to ensure proper functionality. 

Exam Prep: Open-Loop Navigation (through FRC)

In this section, we will review scenarios where you receive a robot kit that comes in separate subsystems: Mobility, Power, and Control. We will review testing the system using basic movement and open-loop navigation.

Exam Prep: Camera Navigation (through FRC)

In this section, we take a look at utilizing vision systems (or cameras) to help with navigating a robot.