Achievement Available
Complete this challenge in Robot Virtual Worlds to earn this achievement.
  • Virtual World: Challenge Pack for VEX IQ
  • Level: Threshold Value
  • Robot: Clawbot IQ

Program the robot to activate different colors of the Touch LED as it moves closer to an object!

Make sure the robot has Touch LED and the Ultrasonic Sensor, then place the robot a lengthy distance away from a object/wall.

Program the robot so that the Touch LED turns on to the color yellow, then moves forward, closer to the object/wall. As it moves closer, the Touch LED should change colors. The robot should then stop when it gets less than 250mm away from the object/wall.

The Touch LED should change to the following colors at these distances:
  • Yellow (Yellow) if distance is greater than 750mm
  • Orange (Orange) if distance is less than 750mm
  • Red (Red) if distance is less than 500mm
  • The robot should stop if distance is less than 250mm
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