Achievement Available
Complete this challenge in Robot Virtual Worlds to earn this achievement. Note: There are a total of 5 achievements for this challenge.
  • Virtual World: Intro to EV3
  • Level: Search and Rescue (or Classic)
  • Robot: EV3
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Challenge Overview

For this challenge, using every concept up to this point, create a program for the robot that will enter a 4-room building. The robot must perform 4 unique actions for 4 unique rooms, that will be randomized, in order to simulate hazardous areas where you can never know what will be encountered.

Phase One

  1. Write 4 separate programs for each room.
  2. The robot must start at the entrance of a room.
  3. After performing room's task, the robot must exit the room.
  4. In virtual worlds, choosing different starting points is highly recommended.
  5. In virtual worlds, there are a total of four achievements to earn for this phase.

Phase Two

  1. Write ONE that will travel all 4 rooms
  2. The robot may start at any room’s entrance
  3. The robot can go clockwise or counter-clockwise
  4. The robot must end where it started
  5. Locations of the rooms must be randomize for each run.
  6. In virtual worlds, the rooms will be automatically randomized.
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