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Electrical Foundations with Arduino
Ef original 0f1c35f75f3fdba613187f9f1fb6ad37 original Learn how circuits and signals work in a robotic system
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Electrical Foundations focuses on the foundational concepts around basic electricity and how circuits work. In this course, students learn how to use multimeters to measure various parts of a circuit. Students learn how to control signals using a microcontroller, how to utilize binary sensors like Limit Switches, and analog sensors like an Ultrasonic Sensor. The culminating project is an e-panel consisting of all of the components found in a typical robotic system.

Additional Resources

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Understanding how to control signals that go in and out of a microcontroller. Skills Identified: Identifying Parts & Components, Crimping, Wire Construction, Conductors & Insulators, Multimeters (Continuity, Voltage, Current), Hand Tool Use, Sending Signals, Receiving Signals, Programming, Isolating Voltages. Concepts learned: Touch Sensors, Distance Sensors, Inputs, and Outputs.
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Organizing and labeling wiring so that the system is easy to understand and troubleshoot is important. In this unit, students will create wiring harnesses using conduit, and also learn how to label wires in the system. Skills Identified: Labeling and Organization, conduits.