CS2N Groups

CS2N Groups have recently received a major update!

What are CS2N Groups?

One of key features of CS-STEM Network is CS2N Groups, an online classroom for anyone to take advantage of all CS-STEM materials and integrate them into their programs.

Whether it's for your school, club, homeschool, or self-learning, CS2N Groups is your way to help keep track of progress!

If you have used CS2N Groups before, you will notice a new look! Featuring a cleaner, and compact experience. This is just one of the many new changes to CS2N Groups.

New CS2N Groups

  • Class 7th Period
    30 | 3
  • Kids Next Door
    5 | 2
  • Super Secret Group
    Pending Membership Approval...
  • Empty Group
    Groups added will show up here

Major Change: CS2N Groups

Every user on CS2N has the ability to host up to 3 CS2N Groups, with 30 users per group.

We are proud of how a simple idea on pen and paper turned into such a huge tool for many teachers across the world. If you do wish to continue using CS2N Groups without limitations, we do want to take this time and ask for your support by considering a premium subscription.

Vist Carnegie Mellon University bookstore

CS2N Group Features
  • Invite and manage up to 30 students per group
  • Generate CS2N accounts for users via a roster spreadsheet. Students no longer need an email address!
  • Track users progress per activity (including assignments, quizzes, and exam scores)
  • View student participation in CS2N competitions, including status and scores
  • Control CS2N activities by granting/revoking achievements
  • View user uploads of assignments
  • Register students to take CS2N Certification Exams
  • Send messages to entire group with email notifications

Exam Registrations

Certify your students! CMRA Certified Teachers can now certify their students with Certification Exams for their respective platforms, including LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, VEX IQ, and VEX EDR!

Granting certification access to students requires purchasing a registration, which can be easily allocated in the Exam Registrations in your groups, then assigned to the student in the Overview.

Mapped Badge Progress

All CS2N activities added within CS2N Groups now come with a Progress Table. This table allows users to see their and other group members' progress on CS2N activities!

Tracked progress includes content/material pages, CS2N games and RVW activities, quizzes and exams scores and more! Teachers can even export the data into a spreadsheet format.

Other tables include controlling the CS2N system of granting and revoking achievements, and viewing and downloading all uploads made by group users!