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Is there a suggested camp schedule?
  • A sample 5-day arrangement of topics is shown on the Teacher page.

When does the class start?
  • Our approach has changed significantly from previous years. The “pre-scheduled online session” format did not work well for over 95% of our users, most of whom were unable to attend the live sessions due to differences in school calendars, time zones, summer class schedules, and many other reasons.

    This year’s Summer of Learning is designed instead as a set of resources for teachers to use to offer their own camps locally, and adapt to meet the demands of their own students and learning environments. All class materials are now available, so class “starts” any time you are ready!

I am a complete novice; where can I go to learn this stuff for myself?
  • Some teachers are able to work through the material independently, although this may not be preferable for those who have never programmed before.

    The CMU Robotics Academy offers online professional development courses, which are better supported with professional instructors. You can find more information on those programs at