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RVW Competition Definition

CS2N Competitions are designed to inspire people to learn to write code. Competitions are typically divided into three divisions: middle school, high school, and open division.

To participates, users would need to register by clicking on the Trophy button, then submit their work when option to is available.

RVW Competition Process

Once a student has decided to participate, they should register for that competition by clicking on the trophy button. Registering will automatically update the user of their status, and will receive any major updates to the competition.

Once registered, the participant will begin to work on their competition entry. They may refer to the tutorials and help forums we have listed and detailed on the competition page.

Some competition entries need to be submitted via the CS2N engine. With some RVW Competitions, you will have the option of submitting directly through the virtual world if you have signed in through CS2N. CS2N keeps track of your highest score.

Winners will be notified via email.