FTC Block Party - Driver Skills 2013-14 Competition

Phase Key Dates
Submissions 11/01/13 - 03/14/14
Winner Announced 08/15/14
How to Participate
Competition registrations have closed.
Submissions: 11/01/13 - 03/14/14
To submit, you must first be registered to the competition.
To submit, you must first be registered to the competition.

The CS2N FTC Block Party – Driver Skills Fall 2013 Challenge is a one-minute long remote control competition utilizing the Robot Virtual Worlds environment. The challenge is to score as many points as possible using a combination of Driver Control and Autonomous Behaviors which are triggered via a programmable Joystick. Multiple elements have been added to the field that allows this game to be solved; colored lines and tiles, IR beacons, walls, and designated loading zones can all be used by the Robot’s sensors to compete autonomously. The game’s time is tracked using the RVW game’s Internal Timer, which will be used in the final scoring metric to determine high scores.   


A Player can earn points during a Match by placing Blocks into any of the Goals on the Pendulum(s), by placing Blocks onto the Floor Scoring Area(s), by raising a Flag during the End Game period, and by having a Robot Hang using the Pull-Up Bar during the End Game. The Outer Pendulum Goals are worth more points than the Inner Pendulum Goals, which are worth more than the Floor Scoring Areas. If the Pendulum is Balanced at the end of the Match, additional points will be applied to a Player’s total score. 


Directions on reconfiguring the Joystick can be found here: http://www.robotc.net/wiki/Custom_Joystick_Controls

Rules & Requirements


ROBOTC Curriculum for TETERIX and LEGO MINDSTORMS – This link takes you to training materials designed to help new programmers learn ROBOTC.  If you are learning to program using only Robot Virtual World (RVW) software, this curriculum is designed to complement the Curriculum Companion Tables 3.0 RVW shown below. The Curriculum Companion Tables are included in all downloads of ROBOTC. You can find out more about RVW at: http://robotvirtualworlds.com/



CS2N Learn Courses:

ROBOTC Programming for FTC Teams – this link will take you to a FREE ONLINE COURSE that teaches ROBOTC programming using RVW software. The course breaks the ROBOTC for TETRIX and LEGO MINDSTORMS curriculum into smaller parts and includes RVW programming challenges and quizzes.



FTC Block Party 2013-14 Forums – There are hundreds of people that log into the ROBOTC forums on a regular basis. Many of the people on the forum are world experts and will be glad to help you if you supply them with well-formed questions and examples of your code.  Additionally, there have been over 20,000 posts at the forum and so you may be able to find your answer your question at the forum.


Robot Virtual World Forums – This forum specifically addresses issues related to RVW software.


ROBOTC Wiki - When new features are added to ROBOTC and ROBOTC Robot Virtual Worlds they are documented at the ROBOTC Wiki. This example link takes you to how to configure custom remote control joysticks enabling you to use non-standard remote controls to control your RVW robots.

RVW Setup
Robot Virtual World Setup
Additional Information

Using CS2N Block Party In Your Classroom

The FTC Block Party Driver Skills Challenge provides that ideal opportunity for a classroom teacher, a coach, or a robotics tournament sponsor to host their own internal team or classroom competition.  The Robotics Academy has setup technology that allows students to write code and test their robots and their scores are immediately sent to the classroom teacher to post.


The picture at the left is a picture of an example of an FTC Block Party Group
The picture at the right is the FTC Block Party Driver Skills Challenge



This game provides a great opportunity to teach programming in a fun way. Using CS2N you are able to track student’s progress and review their code.


Steps to Setup a Group

We have created a step by step guide for setting up groups. To open it up in a different window click here.


You can download the FTC Block Party Virtual World here.


If you have questions send them to research@cs2n.org.