Summer of Learning
Bring CS-STEM Learning to your community this summer!

We believe that entrepreneurial teachers can bring high-quality learning opportunities to students in their communities by offering summer camps that combine interest-driven activities, domain-relevant content, efficient learning technologies, and local teacher expertise. Everyone wins: students learn, learning communities are strengthened, and teachers are able to sustain and improve their craft during the summer!

The CS-STEM Summer of Learning program is an online outreach research project run by the Carnegie Mellon CS-STEM Network and University of Pittsburgh Learning and Research Development Center, in partnership with Robomatter, Inc. The program seeks to improve student preparedness in areas related to Computer Science, Computational Thinking, Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics.

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For Parents and Teachers

Run a robotics camp this summer!

  • Provide learning opportunities

      Provide an Out-of-School-Time (OST) learning opportunity for students to learn while pursuing their own interests.

  • Strengthen local student capital

      Expand the base of knowledgeable student “talent” to sustain local community and school robotics programs.

  • Be an Educational Entrepreneur

      Operate a productive, small business or educational non-profit – the first step in preparing you to pass that knowledge and experience on to your students as well.

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Getting Started

Below are videos detailing step by step on how to get started in setting up Summer of Learning.

Software Installation

VEX IQ for ROBOTC with Robot Virtual Worlds
If further assistance is required, please check out the 'Getting Started' section up top. Note: The ID and Password will only with RVW for VEX.

At a Glance:

  • Teaches Programming Fundamentals

      Command Sequences
      Conditional Statements

  • Approximately 20 hours of Content (Five 4-hour Camp Days)
  • Student Recognition through Digital Badges and Student Certificates
  • Requires a PC* with 3D Capabilities and Internet Access for Each Student
  • Curriculum Materials and Training are Free to Instructors During the Summer

Robotics Summer of Learning 2016: Program Advantages

Icon_sol-cleanup No Cost, No Cleanup

All software is genuine and free. Virtual robots mean no inventory management or recharging.

Icon_sol-clock Optimized for Summer

Virtual robots teach programming in 50% of the time. Focused on popular and essential programming topics.

Icon_sol-cloud Cloud Native

Curriculum available anywhere with an internet connection, 24/7. Student achievements saved, no matter where they are earned.

Icon_sol-instructor Instructor Support

Scaffolded, problem-based video curriculum frees instructor time. Video and e-mail available.

Icon_sol-verify Verifiable Learning

Automatic detection of completion. Attach source code, exams, or signatures as additional evidence. Printable student certificates.

Icon_sol-research Research-Driven

Improving learning through simulations, games, RVWs, CS2N, CS-STEM curricula, and more!


  • One PC with 3D capabilities and internet access

      Software works in Windows, or with Parallels or Boot Camp on Mac

      Administrator access needed for initial installation

      Reliable internet connection to access curriculum videos

      Video is streaming 720p15

      A modern (HTML5-capable) browser is needed to view lesson content

      Software keeps track of student achievements online

Tools - Marketing Materials

Below are template documents and materials that you can use to market and run a CS-STEM camp. If you want download everything at once, please click here. These are simply templates that you can use to edit accordingly.

Promotional Material

  • Promotional Poster

  • Camp Marketing Flyer

  • Camp Marketing Flyer Example

Application Forms

  • Camp Application Form

  • Camp Medical Form

  • Liability Release Form

Camp Award Certificates

  • Creative Programming

  • Digital Communication

  • Grand Prize

  • Leadership

  • Most Ingenious Solution

  • Participation

  • Team Award


  • Graduation Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some example of frequently asked questions. If you have other questions/concerns, please consider posting your inquiries to ROBOTC Forums.

I’m a parent and would like to participate. How would that work?

  • For purposes of the CS Summer of Learning, parents and homeschool teachers can just follow the regular teacher directions wherever they appear!

What is the purpose of the camp?

  • The camp is being sponsored by Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Academy, and is designed to teach new programmers basic programming skills.

Who can host a CS-STEM Summer of Learning camp?

  • Any teacher, parent, or coach can host their own CS-STEM Summer of Learning camp.

I am a teacher that is interested in running a camp, can I charge students to come to my camp?

  • Absolutely, your time is valuable. If you make the camp free, there is a possibility that parents may believe that the camp has no value.

What age group is the Summer of Learning camp geared towards?

  • The camp is designed for students 8 years or above. We believe that the majority of campers will be middle school age, between 11 and 14.

What are the minimum requirements to run a camp?

    • Internet access
    • Computers that are capable of running Robot Virtual Worlds software. Please see the System Requirements.
    • Basic understanding of programming. The online training material are designed to guide new programmers through the lessons in a step-by-step manner, but students may need assistance with more advanced topics.


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For Students
CS-STEM Summer of Learning is best when done as part of an organized program.

People working on the same problems can help each other learn. Working with other robotics fans can also help you find new teams and activities you did know about before. If there are no Summer of Learning programs in your area yet, consider asking a teacher about starting one!

Individual users can join the Summer of Learning without an instructor starting June 1. Check back soon for more details.

Dates to Remember
Below are key upcoming dates, with more information to come. Stay tuned!
Learn More:

Ask NOW through Friday, May 6th

  • Have questions about the Summer of Learning? Send us an email ( or tweet (@CS2N, #CSOL) by May 6th, and we'll answer them for everyone in a big FAQ update!

Teacher Orientation:

Posted on Monday, May 23rd

  • On May 23rd we will post a walkthrough demo showing the workflow and important parts of the CS2N site that the Summer of Learning will be run on! We will cover:

    • Downloading and installing software
    • Computer logistics reminders and tips
    • Account creation for teacher and students
    • Group (class) creation
    • From login to robot run
    • Help lines: E-mail, Websites, Social Media

Teacher Content PD:

Format TBD on June 1st

  • Follow along with our walkthrough of the curriculum content, including pre-tests, post-tests, and student certification requirements! This session might be live or pre-recorded, depending on interest – if you have a preference, let us know at