4H Resources!

CS2N offers two online courses in cooperation with 4H, click the links below to go to those introductory courses.


CS2N also offers lots of other free training and resources for 4H members.  CS2N activities are designed for beginners and advanced learners! The links below will describe the activity and take you great resources that will teach 4H members how to:



4H Leaders

CS2N is eager to support 4H Leaders.  If there is an activity that you need help with please send us a note using the feedback tab on left side. 


One great feature built into CS2N is “Groups”, groups will enable you to track how girls that you are working with are progressing through CS2N activities.  Starting in October you will be able to use the CS2N infrastructure to develop your own themed StoryTelling and Animation or Web Development activities.  To learn more, go to the custom competitions page.