Competition Definition

CS2N Competitions are deadline-driven projects completed by students and can be evaluated by students or competition administrators. Students (of every age and background) are able to participate, evaluate, and earn badges.

Students who participate in competitions can win badges or prizes (if applicable) and a finished project to show for their work. In addition, students utilize skills toward a practical application as the competition provides a deadline and a required product needing finished within that timeframe.

For competitions that include peer review, participants build upon their critical thinking as they evaluate and provide feedback on others’ submissions. Students are forced to look at the process from a different perspective as they change roles from participant to coach.

Competition Process

Once a student has decided to participate, they should start by clicking the GO button located within the "Step 1: Register" section of the competition page. This way they will receive any announcements about the competition (e.g. date changes, etc.).

Once registered, the participant will work on their project. They may refer to the tutorials and help forums we have during this process.

Once the project is complete, the participant should return to the competition page and click the GO button within the Submit Step. They will then be instructed on how to submit their project for that competition.

If the competition includes peer review, participants will then be required to evaluate submissions from their peers. Once a submission has been evaluated, the creator of the submission will rate their submissions’ evaluations on their helpfulness.

Winners will be notified via email.

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