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02/15/13 to 04/30/13

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What if you could pick a character from one book and drop them into another book? How would the other characters react? Would this character change the entire story or just a scene? It’s up to you to decide. Use any two of the eight Children's Choice Award finalists for your project.


Write a short story that has a beginning, middle, and end that introduces the new character, shows how their actions change the plot, and creates an alternate ending to the book or scene . Then use Sam Animation or other software to produce an animation or video to present your story!


Like most projects, it will be easier if you plan out your submission. We have created this storyboard course to help.


Submit your video or animation by April 15th (see Rules/Requirements for instructions).


Visit RC's Clubhouse to learn more about the Children's Choice Awards and the competition.


Software Recommended: SAM Animation

To download the software you need for this competition, Click here »


What is SAM Animation?


SAM Animation is a desktop application that allows users -- young and old -- to capture a series of still images from a webcam that can then be played back in movie form -- it's kind of like a digital flip-book! SAM -- which stands for "stop-action-movies" -- was developed by Tufts University with the support of the National Science Foundation, and as of 2011 is exclusively licensed to iCreate to Educate, a young company dedicated to giving students the tools to drive their own learning in the K-12 classroom.

All product support, partnership opportunities, feature requests, and general questions should be directed to Most support information and examples on how this tool is used in the classroom can be found directly on their website:


Download SAM Animation »

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February 15, 2013 - April 30, 2013

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