VEX CORTEX Trainer Gyro Sensor Chapter Now Available

VEX Cortex Trainer We are excited to share our latest chapter available within our VEX CORTEX Video Trainer Curriculum ... Gyro Sensor! Located in the Sensing section, this chapter will allow you to to turn the robot by measurements of degrees.


Some of the lessons you'll learn within this chapter includes:


- How the Gyro Sensor works


- How to account for the momentum of the robot when turning.


- How to use the Gyro Sensor to reduce Accumulated Error.


- How to use the Gyro Sensor to increase turning accuracy.



Gyro Chapters


Check out one of the chapter videos here:



End Gyro SectionAt the end, there are two programming challenges, Mine Traversal and Robo 500, that can be completed with either a physical or virtual robot.


Check out the entire curriculum here!




Posted on July 01, 2015 in Announcements by Cara Friez : 1 Comments

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GordianKnot says:

Gyro video: short, clear, to the point. It does not discuss connection...though that is likely somewhere else.

• Posted on July 13, 2015 |