Product Review: iCreate's "Getting Started with Animation Kit"

Hi animators!

I had the opportunity to use iCreate’s “Getting Started with Animation” kit for SAM and overall I’m quite happy with the kit.

Upon opening the box, I was welcomed with a iCreate tote containing all the materials.  The tote is sturdy, spacious, and 100% cotton.

This is the classroom pack which has five “Getting Started with Animation” Kits.  Just look at all those materials!

Each individual kit contains three parts:
Grid Write ‘N’ Wipe Board.  I used this for my ground plane and it was good for gauging the timing of my animations.  At one point I had a red circle moving on the ground and it moved forward two spaces each frame (kind of like a board game).  This resulted in a smooth, consistent movement.

iCreate backgrounds (5 pack). The weakest part of the kit is the set of backgrounds.  They are small and although they are on sturdy card stock, will not stand on their own.  I did use one of the better looking ones (the forest and mountains) but again, it was small.  The low quality image of the soccer field was the most down letting.

Material Pack.  This pack was AWESOME and so much fun to use.  Here is what was inside:
Block of modelling clay (1 random primary color).  The “star of the show” is messy but fun.  When I was finished, my hands were blue and there were blue fingerprints all over my desk!
Pipe-cleaners (5 random colors). The pipe cleaners are good - very useful for propping things up, creating support structures and making characters out of.  It was a little disappointing to find that the clay and pipe-cleaners did not mix well.  Making a bug out of clay with pipe cleaner antennae or legs is not a viable option.  Perhaps bendy straws would work better.
5 Marker Boards (5 various rectangles).  I used these to place props on to adjust their height.  I’m sure they are included to draw on with the marker (hence their name) but I did not use them in that way.  They are quality boards, nice to have.
Googly Eyes (5 pair of various sizes).  There isn’t much to say about these.  They are wonderful.
Dry Erase Marker (1 random color).  I didn’t use it but I’m glad it was there.
Foam Arrows, Letters, Punctuation, and Numbers (over 100 in various colors).  By far the most underrated part of the kit, these supplies can be combined to make all sorts of characters, scenery, and props.

So, what can you do with all this stuff?  Well, I have included an animation I created using SAM Animation with one “Getting Started with Animation Kit”.  In addition to the kit, I used scotch tape, blue painter’s tape, scissors, and a clipboard to support the iCreate background (you can use any flat surface - even a wall).
Here is an image of the "set", including additional materials I used.
I added captions, music, and credits with a separate program.

Posted on January 11, 2012 in Partners by Luke Reynolds : 2 Comments

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robin5boole says:

Sam really looks cool. When will you be offering training?

• Posted on January 14, 2012 |
alseTesla says:

@robin5Boole SAM Animation really IS cool! I encourage you to check out the "Intro to SAM" tutorials offered in the CS2N Courses. Click on "learn" (in the menu) and then “Introduction to SAM Animation”. Have fun! -Luke

• Posted on January 23, 2012 |