New Course RVW Autodesk Inventor Tutorials

inventorTutorials_01-ce52fe14d51cc91cf112e5124094fc72We are happy to share a brand new Computer Science Student Network (CS2N) course called Inventor Tutorials. This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to create a plate of spikes in Autodesk Inventor and import that object for use in the Robot Virtual Worlds Level Builder.


Autodesk Inventor is a robust tool used primarily to make 3D Models of mechanical parts and virtually assemble those models to make complicated objects. In addition, Inventor allows users to easily create technical drawings of parts for machine shops and instructions. spikesInGame


The RVW Level Builder is a tool included in Robot Virtual Worlds that allows you to create custom levels and challenges.  The tool provides an empty virtual table accompanied with a library of various types of 3D models to construct the level.  In addition, the tool allows you to create way points, objects and hazards.  You can even import your own 3D models!


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