Larry Page, co founder of Google

Some of you may have heard of Google.

The search engine giant has been dominating the industry for several years now. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were the co-founders of Google, and continue to innovate their search engines for users world-wide. Larry grew up in a household that was all too familiar with the world of Computer Science. Both of his parents were professors of Computer Science at Michigan State University.[1]

During his studies at Stanford University, Larry focused on trying to figure out how web pages link to a given page. He found that those type of "backlinks" were very useful information. He was later joined by fellow PhD student (Google co-founder) Sergey Brin.

Eventually creating his "PageRank" algorithm, Larry and Sergey realized their findings could be used to create a search engine. In 1996, they released the initial release of Google.

[1] Smale, Will. "Profile: The Google founders" BBC, April 30, 2004

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