ROBOTC Programming for VEX, BEST and TSA Teams

ROBOTC Programming for VEX, BEST and TSA Teams

Learn ROBOTC programming for VEX competitions

This course is designed to help new and returning VEX Robotics, BEST Robotics and TSA team members learn to program in the ROBOTC for Cortex and PIC Programming Language.


If you are a Team Coach, you can go through the ROBOTC Training for VEX, BEST, and TSA Coaches »

Some of the content and resources found on this page are things the Robotics Academy thinks are important for you to succeed at your competition.

Topic 1: VEX Cortex Setup Resources
Topic 2: Basic Autonomous Programming
Topic 3: Autonomous Programming with Sensors
Topic 4: Remote Control Programming
Topic 5: Competition Templates and Testing


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  • ROBOTC for VEX Cortex and PIC installed on your computer
  • A VEX Cortex-based robot with VEXnet Joysticks
  • Alternatively the Robot Virtual Worlds software will allow you to practice your ROBOTC programming without a physical robot.
  • Programming Hardware (USB A-to-A cable, USB-to-Serial cable)

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