ROBOTC Programming for FTC Teams

ROBOTC Programming for FTC Teams

Learn ROBOTC programming geared towards FTC Teams

This class will give you all of the information your team will need to be successful this season using ROBOTC and the TETRIX platform.


If you are an FTC Coach, take a look at the ROBOTC Programming for FTC Coaches course »

Some of the content and resources found on this page are things the Robotics Academy thinks are important for you to succeed at your competition.

This class will be offered over 10 weeks with new content being posted every Monday. The planned list of topic is below:

Week 1: Prerequisites, Fundamentals, and Setup / Basic Movement
Week 2: Advanced Movement with Encoders
Week 3: Servo Motors - Normal and Continuous
Week 4: Basic Sensors - Sonar, Touch, and Light
Week 5: Advanced Sensors - Compass, IR Seeker, and Magnet
Week 6: Remote Control
Week 7: Competition Templates - Templates and Testing
Week 8: Variables and Functions
Week 9: 3rd Party Sensors Drivers
Week 10: Debugging Techniques


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ROBOTC Curriculum for LEGO Mindstorms and TETRIX

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Getting Started

  1. Enroll in the course
  2. Have a TETRIX/NXT robot
  3. Download ROBOTC (Free trial version available at
  4. Go through the course step by step to learn how to program the TETRIX robot.


*if you are taking the course from home and don't have a robot with you, you will be able to complete parts of the course using the new Robot Virtual Worlds software

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